Partnership Opportunities

Lemle & Wolff has over 30 years in developing and managing affordable housing projects. We have experience with the different incentives offered, such as working with city owned land, tax exemptions & tax credits.

We also partner with design professionals who specialize in the zoning laws in order to meet or exceed the current regulations.

We are a pre-qualified & certified PACT partner. We work through the process of RFP, the community planning process, permitting, construction and management of NYCHA’s properties.

Lemle & Wolff also works with HPD on Mitchell-Lama housing.

We work within the confines of HPD & BLDS’ strict budget to develop the appropriate mechanical & structural system, whilst creating architecturally interesting projects.

We look forward to exploring new partnership and joint venture opportunities where we can contribute our development, construction, and management expertise.

For more information on partnering with us, please contact Anivelca Cordova at (718) 865-1847 or email her at